Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am so computer illiterate...

You know how they say a housekeeper has a dirty house, a plumber has a leaky toilet and it goes on. Well my husband is a software developer and I am completely useless on the computer. I try, I really do but I really am useless. Today I tried to put a Sassafras blinkie on my sidebar and I cannot get it to work. What am I doing wrong? If anyone can help me out please shed some light. I'm too embarrassed to tell my husband ; )
On a similar but different note I finally have scrapbooked after 4 long months. We made a major move back in June and I had to pack all of my stuff into storage until this last weekend. Yipee! I made 1 double page layout and 1 single page layout. When I download the photos I promise to post.
I'm a feeling fine!!!

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  1. NO!! I JUST tried putting a new Sass blinkie on my sidebar and was not doing something right, either! lol
    I will try again tonight...if I get it to work, I will let you know! haha
    Did you check out ScrapJack blog? You GOTTA play this time around! It will be fun! :P
    If you don't, I will find out where you live!