Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How hot are they?

I think they are the hottest kit club out there, and I am a lucky gal to be a subscriber!!! I love these guys. I have never been let down by my kits. My first kit I received back in February and I was giddy from head to toe. I did not receive March's kit for some reason but they quickly sent me one with my April kit. I just received it last week and can not put it away. Love these guys.

So how do I know these guys are the hottest things around? Well if you are a kit subscriber you get first dibs on their add on kits (which I highly recommend) and you can buy anything in the store and you don't have to pay any extra shipping. They just send it all with your kit. Well I went to add a few extra's to my cart ie: albums and tiny attacher refills and they were all sold out. I was so sad. SO to compensate I bought a bunch of other good things : )

Stay tuned because I have some fabulous news to share in a few days!

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