Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good News and Bad News

Good morning everyone it has been a bit of a rough week in our household. We have all been sick for way too long and it finally hit me harder than I would have liked. So I sit here typing while I stop here and there to sneeze and wipe my nose.
On to some news...
I got a wonderful email Monday morning

I won the lottery for Creative Escape 2010. They picked my name so I can register myself and a friend. The bad news is we can't afford for me to go this year. Nothing like going form high to low in less than a second. My poor (no pun intended) husband looked so sad when he broke the news to me. Oh well maybe next week I'll be more lucky? So as I wrote the last sentence a spider just crawled over my computer and just about onto my hand. EEEEEKKKKK! I though the computer on the floor and tried to catch it but I don't know where it went. Yuck.
Anyways, no creative escape for me. I am sad but family comes first and if hubby doesn't think we can afford than I accept that. It seems I've been on a bit of a winning streak lately. I even one some Hambly goodies. I can't wait until our mail lady drops that off.
I am off to my first full day crop this weekend. 14 hours of no kids and husband makes me a little nervous but I think I need it. It's a good thing it's only 15 min from our house : )
What is everyone else up to this lovely weekend?

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  1. boo, then CONGRATS, then boo...then congrats (I am on the hambly part now)...ya following me?! lol
    Well, awesome that you get some "me" time and crop! You will have so much fun!
    Actually, my mom is coming up next weekend and her and I and another friend are cropping next Fri night and all day Sat at my LSS! yay!