Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Project 12

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been keeping up lately. We have been busy like everyone else : )
I decided for the new year I was going to participate in Project 12. I thought it would be easy! Nope, I'm used to doing layouts of 1 particular things. I am terrible are summarizing. Anyone else have this problem? Anyway, I settled on this layout which I thought turned out pretty good.

I used Crate Paper for this layout as well as some floral embellishments that I had on hand. I also used drywall tape to go with the reno theme and I thought is looked pretty good too. I think I did pretty well narrowing it down to these photos. Like I said I have a hard time summarizing but I am glad I am doing this.I already have February planed and the month isn't even done : )

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I'll have to see what this Project12 is all about. Love your layout, Andrea! The pics are fab, and I love the flowers trimming the top! So fun! And drywall tape - that's just genius! Hope you are well. {{{{HUGS}}}}