Wednesday, April 6, 2011

National No Housework Day blog hop

Welcome to the National No Housework Day Online Blog hop!
If you have arrived not knowing until now about the hop, no problem...just go back to If It's Groovy where this hop starts and work your way through. You may find games, prizes, projects and how do-you-dos along the path.
Hopefully you just made your way from Dragonfly Destiny (Jean-Marie). If not I have the entire blog hop list at the end of this post just in case you get lost ; )
We celebrate this national holiday by scrapping today and into the weekend with projects that remind us of housework or getting away from it!!! Take the day off, put up your feet and let's hop! As part of the blog hop These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things is doing a little challenge... Scrap you fav colour! Here's what I made:

Now just for stoping by I have a little prize up for grabs.
What do you need to do? Well, I would love for you to become a follower and also to leave me a comment telling me what your least favourite chore is to do around the house? Me? Well, I have to say cleaning windows is my least fav. If you came to my house you would see that ; )
Thank you so much for stoping by and have fun visiting the rest of the crew. Your next stop is the lovely Krista (Red Car Productions).

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37. Designs by Diana(Diana)

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39. A Day in the Life...(Kelly)

40. MarBare Scraps (Mary)

41. One by One...(Karel)

Have a fabulous no housework day!


  1. Woooooo hoooooooooooooo! I love love love your lo! I loveeeee those photos and your FAVE COLOR! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I am a follower and My least favorite chore is putting the laundry away. Mainly because in my house it involves fixing the drawers too! Since they all rummage thru nicely, organized, folded, clean clothes making them look like they were never washed to start!

  3. Andrea I adore your project which happens to be made with one of my favorite colors too :)

    Ya know windows really are a bummer! I had not thought about that until you mentioned it so that tells you how often I do them lol! My dog even messes up the window on our door to come in rubbing her big ole nose all over it. If she had fingers I am sure she would leave fingerprints for me too lol!

    Happy hopping!

  4. yeah, I agree cleaning windows suck but I hate hate hate dusting!!!! super cute layout!!!

  5. Love the pics!!!!!! Great page!

  6. I am a follower now and thanks for this nice Blog Hop. My least favourite chore is ironing. I really hate it .

    Your LO is just wonderful. I like the colors you chose.

  7. Oh this is so cool!! What a great theme for a blog hop :) I hate doing windows too, but I do love the result when they're finished ;) I use white vinegar and newspaper - it works a treat. Anyways, my least favourite thing is ironing - ughhh, can't stand it!!

  8. Love the layout! What a cutie! My least favorite chore is laundry...ugh! Oh and I'm now a follower!

  9. Love your project!!! I am already a follower!!!

    I really hate to clean the bathroom....yuck....I would rather do 70 loads of clothes than to enter the pits of a bathroom!!! :-)

  10. Such a cute layout! I hate bathrooms, they are gross. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Love your give-away goodies! Became a follower today, and like I said in my other comments, I need a kitchen fairy!!! So much to do in that room, overwhelming!

  12. love your layout.... it's such fun.... ya know I don't do window... I pay someone to do those... it's one of the only things I pay someone to do... because I just won't do them.... as for my no house work's picking up after my husband who leaves coffee mugs and ice cream bowls everywhere... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... I'm a follower!!! I hope you have a super-fantastic-wonderful no housework day!!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  13. Love the LO, your photos are too precious! I have a lot of chores that I despise, mainly cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry and as Deb has said those dreaded toilets, lol!
    I am following your blog now and enjoyed seeing your project on our hop!
    Happy NSD!

  14. Ok...going through this hop and reading the other replies, I realized that I also absolutely HATE washing windows!!

    Super cute layout, it really showcases the adorable photos!

  15. My least favorite chore is cleaning the kitchen. I love to do laundry. I need to find someone who would trade chores with me, then we both would be happy.

  16. I'm a follower now! I HATE cleaning the bathrooms. They're so icky. Love your layout!!

  17. I am now a follower and my least favorite chore (if I can only pick one...) would have to be the dishes!

  18. adorable pics!! nothing cuter than a chubby baby belly in a bathing suit!

  19. That lo is adorable! What a gorgeous smile!

    I will be a follower once I get home on my regular computer! Blackberry won't let me do it - darn!

    Least fave chore . . . Bathrooms, specifically the showers/tubs!

  20. Love the LO!!!

    I hate folding laundry...

    I became a follower...

  21. My least favorite chore is putting laundry away.

  22. Sweet, sweet layout, Andrea! I hate cleaning the oven!

    I am new to your blog and am now a follower. So very nice to meet you. Stop by my blog sometime and say hi!

  23. Cute layout! My least favorite is the tub!!

    New Follower:)

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  24. Ugh, I have to second the windows thing...that and wiping little fingerprints (and food!!??!) off the walls!


  25. love your layout! became ur follower.

    michelesscrapycreations35 at yahoo dot com

  26. I love your LO and can see why it would be among your favorite things and just the right thing to submit.

    Thank you for being a part of the hop. To email me just click on my name and follow the link.

  27. What a cutie pie kid! Loving that sweet layout! :))

    My least favorite chore is a toss up between scooping the cat litter and taking out the trash! UGH! LOL. :))

  28. I am a new follower. You blog looks so inspiring! :)))

  29. Just became a follower:) My least favorite chore is doing the dishes! Ick!


  30. Love your layout! So cute!! I don't like most household chores, but cleaning the bathroom is right up there at the top of the list! I'm in this hop, too--and a new follower. You can find me at ksjennings at gmail dot com and/or

  31. One of my least favorites is vacuuming! Yuck! I became a follower!

  32. Such a cute layout! One of my most hated chores is vacuuming. I became a follower! Thank you for the chance!

  33. I would have to say the least favorite things to clean..isnt in my house..but my car!! after a hard winter, it needs to be cleaned on the inside...sand and salt everywhere...and doggie nose prints all over the windows!! lol

  34. Andrea, your layout is absolutely adorable! LOVE the photos!!
    I am following your blog....and my least fave household chore is vacuuming...!

  35. Yah! Putting my feet up and blog hopping today. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win :)

  36. I love your layout. I am a new follower and I dislike laundry. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Marcy S.
    m.serrano at live dot com

  37. I am a follower. I really don't like doing laundry. I'll put it away once it's folded. But getting it to the folded stage is the worst chore!

  38. i hate folding clean clothes! i am a follower

  39. WOW I love that layout. great job and TFS

    scrapperbecka at yahoo dot com

  40. I'm from Colombia and my name is lucila ortega, flowers and ribbons I made ​​an old sewing meter here is my work in my country do not celebrate this day, but it would be great

  41. very cute!!! love the layout the pics are adorable too!

  42. Very cute layout! What a big hop this is huh? Glad I am part of it! Everyone has done a great job! Very nice RAK too!

  43. Vey cute layout!!! thanks for sharing this and I don't like dusting...and dusting and dusting ={ just become yur follower and thanks for the chance to win this awesome candy =)

  44. Very cute sign! Thanks for sharing. I became follower. :)

  45. laundry..HATE IT

  46. Am a follower now!! My least favorite chore is doing dishes!! I could live without doing that!! Love your layout! Cute!

  47. Love your layout!
    My least favorite chore???? scrubbing the tub! chores are right up there as well!

  48. Ok, I am a new follower now!!! WOOHOO!

  49. Love your LO! I am following your blog now AND I hate to dust. It is not that hard, I have swiffer dusters and there is no excuse really...Donna Woods Fiskateer 6036

  50. I became a follower and I have to say my least fav chore is cleaning the bathroom!

  51. New follower, new fan.. hate to do anything in regards to laundry.. oh & washing floors. but I will vacuum! lol

  52. Love your blog, I'm a follower! I hate cleaning the bathroom, I have BOYS! Thanks for sharing and for a chance to win. ;-)
    stampinlara at yahoo dot com

  53. New follower here! Great project, love the LO! My least fave chore? Cleaning the bathroom! Happy blogging!

  54. Your layout is terrific! I am now a new follower and have to share that I hate to scrub floors!

  55. Wonderful idea. There should be more days like this one. Housework is a really exhausting process and people should have a break from it from time to time.

    House Cleaning